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30th April 2024

A look inside our Quality Department

Here at Techni we have a department dedicated to the quality of the products we produce. We as a company are ISO 9001:2015 accredited, having initially been ISO 9001 accredited in 2013 before the accreditation was revised in 2015. ISO 9001:2015 is a worldwide standard that sets requirements for a strong Quality Management System. We have been assessed and awarded certification by a third party, this lets our customers know that we have a system in place that meets their requirements.



Using specialist software, our Design team digitally create CAD images of CMK parts which are then 3D printed for the Quality department to develop inspection procedures.




A machine known as a CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) is used to accurately measure each part’s complete shape and size, with the ability to measure to a 1000th of a millimetre.





Whilst it measures the part, the CMM creates a report of its findings which is displayed on computer software, this provides data to the Design and Engineering teams to ensure the part conforms to specification.



Once approved by Quality, the Engineering team proceed with manufacturing the CMK part. When manufacturing of the part is complete, a sample is sent back to Quality to check the accuracy using the same process as before with the 3D model. The CMM is again used to measure the shape and size which is then confirmed to be correct by Quality.



This whole process isn’t just used for manufacturing brand new parts, it’s also completed for parts that have been manufactured before. This attention to detail means that accuracy remains very high and the likelihood of error is very low.