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8th December 2020


Techni is pleased to announce that as of January 2021, Techni S.L., Spain will be open for business for our customers to buy our products directly from our new facility in Spain.

Techni S.L. has been opened in Spain for logistical ease for our customers post-Brexit by offering continued, uninterrupted distribution to the EU, regardless of the outcomes of Brexit. We want to ensure that our customers have a smooth unrestricted service when placing orders with Techni.

Techni S.L., will be run and managed by a relocated team from Techni Ltd in the UK. It will remain our number 1 priority to continue to provide our customers with the same high level of customer service and exceptional kit quality that would have been received from our facility based in the UK. The order process will not change and customers will continue speaking to the same contacts, if customers decide to create an account with Techni S.L., Spain, their account will be defaulted to Techni S.L., when ordering unless specified otherwise.

If you would like to purchase kits, compressors and parts from Techni S.L. in Spain from January 2021 please complete the form below and send it to We will then get your information set up onto our Techni S.L. system ready for your first order in 2021. Customers are still welcome to purchase from Techni Ltd in the UK if they wish to.

If you are a current customer and would like to start purchasing from Techni S.L., Spain please email and we will get your account swapped over for you.


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