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mount kit process

25th October 2022

Compressor Mount Kit Creation Process

There's a lot that goes into designing & manufacturing a new compressor mount kit. The graphic above shows the whole process from start to finish! All of Techni's compressor mount brackets are designed and manufactured on-site at Techni HQ in Shrewsbury, UK.


The process of designing and manufacturing a new compressor mount kit:


01 - Data Acquisition - Techni utilize tripod mounted Romer dual function portable measuring arms with fully-certified and integrated laser scanner and touch probe heads, designed for faster-than-ever 3D data capture across a wide range of surfaces and applications. The system used by Techni is the fastest point collection system on the market and it can capture can capture up to 752,000 points per second. The probed and point cloud data is combined within a Geomagic software suite and exported seamlessly into our Solidworks CAD package.


02 - Design 3D CAD Modelling & FEA Validation - Solidworks intuitive product development tools give us the capability to create, validate, communicate, and manage our product designs and rapidly bring the products to market within one software package. With powerful design validation tools Techni subjects its designs to the same conditions that are experienced in the real world. We undertake stress, strain, frequency and displacement analysis for our parts and assemblies, this design validation and optimization tool enables us to improve product quality by identifying areas prone to weakness and failure. We study relationships between linked dissimilar assembly components and imitate an actual operating environment to see how models handle stress, strain and displacement. The design validation allows Techni to compare different designs simply and quickly to enable us to decide on the most favourable design for the final production.


03 - 3D Printing & 1st Test Fit - In-house rapid prototyping facilities represent a major capital investment, which enable us to verity designs for form, fit and function prior to full-scale production. Our 3D printer quickly produces precision and functional prototypes that enable real-world product development and testing to take place before costly investments are made in production tooling. Advanced prototyping allows us to optimize our designs, streamline our workflows, prepare for manufacture and bring our innovative products to market faster.


04 - Pattern Tooling & Machine Fixtures Production - Pattern tools and machine fixtures are created.


05 - In-House CNC Machining - At Techni Engineering, we understand the importance of quality and flexibility. Our precision CNC milling services feature a variety of capabilities. Milling and machining are performed on vertical and horizontal CNC machining centres, which use three and four axes and live tooling. Techni's three and four axis, pallets and custom made in-house fixtures can accommodate almost any configuration.


06 - Quality & CMM Inspection - Techni are passionate about producing quality products and our commitment to this is evident in the use of a Coordinate Measuring Machine to check parts being produced. With first off checks, last off checks and regular in batch inspections by our QA Department you can be confident that all parts have passed inspection and will be ready to fit. We use the latest PCDMIS software and import first generation design data from Techni’s Design Department to construct CMM programs which will check every feature of a machined bracket to ensure its compliance to the design criteria.


07 - Final Vehicle Test Fit - Our mount kit is test fitted to the vehicle for the final time to ensure our product performs to the highest standards & our instructions are finalised using in-house designed drawings.


08 - Full Kit Production - Our initial first batch of mount kits starts production.


09 - Kit Assembly - Our warehouse team picks and builds all components within the mount kit getting them ready to be sent out.


10 - Kit Ready For Sale - Contact our sales team! Our kit is ready for sale!   CONTACT US!