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6th April 2018

NEW DRIVE KIT – Ford Transit Van / Custom 2.0L

Ford Transit Van / Custom 2.0 Eco Blue Euro 6 (+/-AC) – New Drive-kits available.

Techni has developed a new range of drive kits for the new Ford Transit Van / Custom 2.0L EcoBlue Euro 6 diesel engines. The kits are compatible with vehicles both with and without A/C. They are also designed to meet Ford’s BEMM (Body Equipment Mounting Manual) standards.

There are kit options available for standard ear mount Valeo and QUE compressors.

Drive Kit Options

Part NumberModelEngine SizeYearEuro-AC+ACCompressors
0500.8402Transit Custom2.0L06.16>Euro 6QP/TM13,15,16More InfoContact Us
0500.8412Transit Van FWD2.0L06.16>Euro 6QP/TM13,15,16More InfoContact Us
0500.8232Transit Van / Custom FWD2.0L06.16>Euro 6QP/TM13,15,16More InfoContact Us