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9th April 2018

NEW DRIVE KIT – Mercedes New Vito RWD 2.0L Euro 6

New Range for Mercedes New Vito RWD Compressor Drive Kits available.

Techni’s Mercedes Benz Qualified Partner status has allowed us to develop a range of drive kits for the Mercedes Benz New Vito (W447) 2.1L Euro 5b+ / GR.III / 6 engines. Drive kits are available for Models 114, 116, 119 BlueTEC with and without 7G Tonic Plus Gearbox, with power outputs of 136PS, 163PS & 190PS.

The new kits are designed not only to fit vehicles with or without original air conditioning, but also without the need to order any Mercedes Benz PTO options. On vehicles with ECO-Start, it is recommended that MB Option PSM is utilised. This allows the ECO-Start to be deactivated.

There are kit options available for standard ear mount Valeo and QUE compressors.

Drive Kit Options

Part NumberModelEngine SizeYearEuro-AC+ACCompressors
0500.7902Mercedes Vito2.1L10.14>Euro 6QP/TM13,15,16More InfoContact Us
0500.8062Mercedes Vito2.1L10.14>Euro 6QP/TM13,15,16More InfoContact Us
0500.7912Mercedes Vito2.1L10.14>Euro 6QP/TM13,15More InfoContact Us
0500.8172Mercedes Vito2.1L10.14>Euro 6QP/TM13,15More InfoContact Us
0500.8252Mercedes Vito2.1L10.14>Euro 6QP/TM13,15More InfoContact Us