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13th February 2019


Shrewsbury, UK, February 06, 2019

Techni produce a range of mount kits that covers a high percentage of the commercial vehicles in the marketplace.

Where possible we produce kits for vehicles with and without air conditioning. There are some cases when it is not technically possible to provide a mount kit to vehicles fitted with factory AC, this is normally due to space constraints in the engine bay. For most of these situations we offer a non AC mount kit. AC and electrical systems on vehicles these days are complicated and fully integrated into other control systems and vehicle architecture.

From a technical point of view a vehicle with factory AC verses a vehicle without factory AC will have at minimum different cooling, electrical requirements and possibly ECU / BCM programming. Therefore, we must assume that a factory supplied non AC vehicle will not be the same as a factory supplied AC vehicle that has just had the AC compressor removed.

In situations where a customer / bodybuilder purchases an incorrect specification vehicle and a with AC kit is not available from us, guidance on whether the AC system can be removed must be directed to the vehicle manufacturer. The same situation of consulting the vehicle manufacturer applies if the OE AC system is removed due to choosing a lower cost non AC mount kit from us even though we offer a with AC kit option.

Techni produce a mount kit application guide that is regularly updated and provides a specific column detailing if each kit is suitable for vehicles with AC or not, the default position for determining if a vehicle has AC or not is the specification of the vehicle when it left the factory in its original build state.

Should a customer / bodybuilder choose to disregard the recommendations of Techni and / or the vehicle manufacturer and fit a non AC kit to a vehicle with the OE AC removed then any implications resulting from this will be the responsibility of the customer / bodybuilder and Techni will not be liable for any issues that may arise.