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9th April 2019

Compressor Drive Kit – VW Crafter / MAN TGE RWD

New Compressor Drive Kit  – Volkswagen Crafter / MAN TGE RWD 2017> Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) With + Without AC Euro 6 available

Techni are proud to present a range of new compressor drive kits. In addition, to the current extensive range of engine driven compressor mount kits available. Compressor Mount Kits are available for the all new Volkswagen Crafter / MAN TGE RWD from 2017 onward, with and without the AC system. The New compressor mount kits have been designed with a separate belt drive. The separate belt makes the compressor drive totally independent of the main engine drive belt, increasing the reliability.

As always at Techni, the kit has been designed with ease of service and installation in mind, meaning that the coolant does not need to be drained or the A/C system degassed.

Easy access to the belt tensioner and idle pulleys ensures hassle-free and labour cost effective service.

Techni, offer precision machined cast engineered brackets within the compressor mount kits. Firstly, they deliver outstanding durability compared to fabricated brackets of our competitors. Secondly, they have less parts and are much easier to install. Thirdly, and most importantly, our compressor mount kits combine efficient designs to provide proven durability and exceptional levels of design performance.. Moreover, they guarantee a long and trouble-free service life

Follow the link below, to access our online catalogue and view our technical information, installation instructions and service parts on-line.Login

As the market leader in front end auxiliary drive (FEAD) design, manufacture and engineering of cast Mount and Drive kits for the mobile transport industries, we offer all our compressor mount kits with a unique 3 Year warranty on all non service parts. All serviceable parts carry either a 12 month warranty or the specified service mileage or system operating hours depending on application.

  • Robust Cast Construction
  • Wide Range of Applications
  • 3 Year Warranty

Techni’s products combine efficient designs to provide proven durability and exceptional levels of design performance. Techni implements vehicle manufacturers’ design philosophy for design and pre-production validation. This interface will be sustained by a program of constant investment in the latest development design technologies, software, tools and equipment to maintain our position at the fore-front of auxiliary drive belt systems technology.

Through extensive experience, deep understanding of FEAD systems, efficient design technique and industry leading technologies we can meet or exceed all customer expectations.

Techni’s product performance, reliability, and serviceability have created lasting partnerships with tier 1 OEM suppliers and Vehicle manufacturers’ applications engineering teams.

Vehicle Details

Model: Volkswagen Crafter / MAN TGE 201>, RWD, +AC, -N63

Engine: 122hp (90KW), 140hp (103 KW), 177hp (130KW)

Transmission: 6 Speed Manual / 8 Speed Automatic

Technical details 

Installation Time: 90 Minutes

Mount Kit Weight: 6.6 kg (0500.8862)

Suitable Compressors: Que QP13/15/16/21, Valeo TM13/15/16/21

Compressor Mount Kits

0500.8862: (SP) Compressor RPM 3588/3690rpm @ 3500/3600 engine Speed – QP/TM13,15,1665124200

0500.8872: (ST) Compressor RPM 4485/4613rpm @ 3500/3600 engine Speed – QP/TM13,15,16

0500.8982: (ST) Compressor RPM 3924/4036rpm @ 3500/3600 engine Speed – QP/TM21

More Details

Kit Options

Part NumberModelEngine SizeYearEuro-AC+ACCompressors
0500.8862VW Crafter / MAN TGE RWD 2.0L2017>6QP/TM13
More InfoContact Us
0500.8872VW Crafter / MAN TGE RWD 2.0L2017>6QP/TM13
More InfoContact Us
0500.8982VW Crafter / MAN TGE RWD 2.0L2017>6QP/TM21More InfoContact Us